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When we all work together, anything is possible.

The PURA Foundation Australia is the only non-profit charity that has been established for individuals with PURA syndrome and their families, across Australia and New Zealand. We assist the PURA syndrome community by supporting and initiating research, raising awareness, and providing education.


This community provides a place of belonging to those who may otherwise feel isolated by rare disease, enriches the medical research being completed and educates those outside the community about the condition. 

  1. To facilitate education and awareness of PURA syndrome.

  2. To assist in the advancement of research and treatments for PURA syndrome.

  3. To provide support for families of, and individuals with, PURA syndrome.

To assist us with our goals and our mission, please consider a donation to the PURA Foundation Australia today.

When we all work together, anything is possible.    #TeamPURA

Our Values:
Respect - We welcome and value every person’s unique contribution with access and opportunity for all.

Community - We work together with families, clinicians, and researchers to define and achieve shared goals.

Optimism -  We collaborate to seek and find solutions, confident in our team’s ability to achieve our shared goals.

Responsibility - We understand the importance of obligation and accountability within the organisation, planning for future growth and change.

Trust - We understand the importance of transparency and communication within the organisation, and with those we serve and partner.

PURA Foundation Australia Team


Mel Anderson

Director and Chair
Research and Governance


Amy Zagato

Fundraising and


Natasha Keetley


Community and Outreach


Rebecca Nunn

Secretary and Parent Contact

neil linkedin_edited_edited.jpg

Neil Anderson

Finance and Marketing


TeTane Trinick

Parent Support


Kirsty Trueman

New Zealand

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